Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I just want to put down what I have done sofar in list format.

1) came up with a resolution (improve my own self image)
2) upped my water consumption (at 50 oz or so)
3) cut out sodas
4) started regularly exercising (at 15-30 min's per day)
5) dyed my hair
6) bought some new shirts and a pair of pants
7) cut out candy.....but not sweets altogether yet, still eating baked goods)
8) started putting Logan to bed earlier so we get some good sleep

ok i think that's all i have for now

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

energy surge

OK now I'm beginning to understand why people get addicted to exercising. This is a true phenomenon for me as I've always hated it. But I've always tried to "break myself in" by exercising only 3 times a week in the past. This week I've been making sure I do so every day but I'm not over doing it at all. Only 15 minutes at a time, though today I will be getting on the bike a second time making it 30 minutes today. I don't want to get frustrated with exhaustion and sore muscles.

My x-husband recently had a heart issue from exercising too much. He was doing MUCH MUCH more than I ever anticipate doing lol, but it was a good wake-up call to be sure not to over do things. Too much of a good thing isn't always good.

I've felt an energy surge today...I really hope it lasts. I'm not drinking as much water as I should, I need to try to catch up but it's being very difficult today. I'm still drinking more than usual, but not enough.
Well I missed writing yesterday but I'm still on track. Logan and I watched Brooklyn today and we played hard :) a lot of running and roaring.....and dish washing in Brooklyns new kitchen from santa clause.
I walked on a treadmill a couple of times with Logan and he actually allowed me 10 minutes to myself so that went well also. Played a little with weight training, not a whole lot of lifting but we had fun there also. I had tons of energy and think that was as a result of the lowered sweets as well as the exercise.
I started drinking lots of water.....and the bathroom was my second home. THAT was VERY annoying!!!!! I hated having to pee so much but I was told that will subside as my body gets more accustomed to the more fluid intake. I'll try to be patient and pray my body gets accustomed rather quickly.
I did have a soda with lunch. Logan and I got McDonalds and I had a fish value meal. I know the fried food is a nono but as I said slowly. I'm concentrating on exercise, water, and no soda right now. I'll work on the eating right later when I have a firmer grip on these few items.
I've been working on Logans road mat very regularly lately. I can't wait to have that particular project done just to start his construction mat. I also need to work on his felt board and pieces.
I haven't been crocheting because of working on this plastic canvas for him. He's over me working on it though lol.
Today I will dye my hair finally!!!!!!!!! I have this grey streak in the front that drives me crazy when I don't dye quick enough and I've been noticing it a lot lately. Just haven't wanted to dye it, though I did already buy the dye. Also hoping to get me some glasses today so I can see once again....YAYNESS!!!! I'll probably get some dorky looking cheap frames but as long as they don't give me bug eyes like the 80's I'll be ok.
Logan and I are also going to make another goody today. It'll be his choice but he loves to cook with me. I'll also get him to help me make an impossible quiche...that will be my healthy food for today. Making it with fresh spinich and my stomach is growling thinking about me some impossible quiche and best thing is that nobody else but Logan eats it with me, and Logan only eats a little I think to be polite and eat with his mommy :) he can be such a sweet lil thing.

Today would have been my mom's birthday. She passed away 4 yrs ago this spring. I'll have to remember to call my dad today. Maybe I'll go visit but I'll have to discuss that with Dave first, I don't know how the finances are right now. He doesn't get paid again until Feb 1 so the trip will probably have to wait until then. This first month of the year is KILLER the way his pay works. He's Paid for Jan. in mid Dec. then we have to really discipline ourselves not to overspend for the hollidays or we suffer by mid Jan. At least I now have some income and Alex and Scott pay some rent in the meantime to keep us fed at least lol.
Happy 65th birthday mom :) LUV YA, and I know you are keeping up with me too, so give me that boost I sometimes need....I do remember you telling me I was getting "soft" after I had Deidre oooh those years ago, wish I listened to you then....but then again, don't we all often wish we listened to our mothers as an afterthought many times in life.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today we took down the christmas tree and put up our decorations. Logan was a big help. We also went to the store and bought a garden hose to clean off the siding of the house.
I started sorting through my craft supplies in the garage. I listed some embroidery floss on ebay just trying to get rid of it. My goal is to get down to only the supplies I know I will use. This is very difficult lol. I'm a hoarder when it comes to project supplies. I always think, "well this may come in handy someday". I must clean up my surroundings!!! I don't hoard anything else but project supplies and I want it to get down to where it is all in the house and my area of the garage is cleaned up.

I posted my weight loss goals on diaperswappers and am keeping up an accountability thread there as well as my blog here. Someone else mentioned the water they are drinking and I realized I really need to up my consumption here. So today I made it a point to drink more water. BUT I also ate candy today :( bad me!!!!
I'll get there but today I blew the sweets resolution.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dec 26, 2008

Well today we settled in after the Christmas rush. We had a wonderful holiday and today I reflect and am pleased with how the season went.
I closed my WAHM business crocheting so I can concentrate more on what is really important to me, self and family.
I started a new nanny job 2 weeks ago and Logan and I are settling in nicely with it. Brooklyn is a year younger than him and very much a clingy child.

Now it's time for me to reflect on myself.
I'm totally out of shape and form. I weigh 130 and have a waist measuring 35 inches. I weigh more now than I did when I had Logan just under 3 yrs ago. I get winded while playing. My ideal weight is anywhere from 97 lbs to 107 lbs...My target weight is 110 and I want my waist somewhere between 28 and 30.
Today I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes....I HATE TO EXERCISE!!!!!! and I haven't stressed that enough to portray the true loathing I feel towards exercise lol.

I ordered the Richard Simmons 5 DVD sweatin to the oldies set. I really hope it breaks through my hatred of exercise. I've never stuck with a program before because of my strong loathing...I can't think of anything exercise related that I enjoy doing.

My next area to work on outside my personal image is my internet usage. I'm on the PC entirely too much!!!!! I've quit 3 of my message boards in the past couple of weeks. I plan to quit 2 more getting down to just 2.

This is all I have for now to start off my accountability blog :)