Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost October

Well it's time for me to come up with a strict plan for myself.
I weighed in at 116 today after coming home from a 4 day stay at my daughters. 4 days of no formal exercise and not watching diet.
I'm back to watching my diet. Going back to my unprocessed eating plan. I really need to make that my lifestyle. It's so difficult as I really still hate to cook.

Even my running has suffered the past few weeks but I am not distressed. Tomorrow starts a new day for me. I will be trying out a new routine this week.
I'm going to attempt to run every day but only 1.5 miles on the week days and then a long run on sat or sun. not sure if i'll be able to handle it, my body may not be ready for that but i'm going to try and see how it goes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept is here

I notice the Cindy from New York emerging as I think "cooler weather"
I've been thinking up ways to insulate some of these windows and not feel the cabin fever this year. BUT then I remember I'm in NC and the weather here isn't like in NY lol. Sure we have cold days and maybe even cold weeks, but we DON'T have cold MONTHS.
So I'm trying to get out of the hibernation mode that seems to be signaled by the beginning of Sept.

The weather is perfect for running. I wake up with a chill and the sun isn't up yet which kinda bothers me. I like it being light out at 6am. I woke up to stars in the sky this morning!!!

My run was 3.5 miles. I've upped my base runs during the week this week and I am feeling it. My legs ache for a few hours after my run and today my feet are a little tender. I want to join a local running group but don't want to drive to it. I think I've discussed this before so nothing has changed there.

I plan on manning an aid station on Oct. 3 for an ultra run at Bur Mil. I'm planning on requesting an aid station for the 40 mile runners though maybe the last aid station towards the end of the marathon would be interesting also.

I'm going to miss my 10K I've been training for but that's OK. I'm going to visit Deidre instead which is much more important than a lousy 10K race. I considered entering an 8K in VA Beach that same weekend but that intimidates me. I think it will be super crowded and I'm just not ready to deal with that yet, especially in a town I'm unfamiliar with. I will be running but just not racing.

My goal for this month:
wk 1: 3.5/3.5/5
wk 2: 3.5/3.5/5.5
wk 3: 4/4/6
wk 4: 4/4/6.5

I'm hoping to be able to increase by a whole mile come October rather than in half mile increments. I have my eye on a half marathon on Dec 13th.