Saturday, October 10, 2009

Been Quite Some Time

Time for me to try to catch up a bit.
I went on vacation for 4 days over to Deidre's and missed my 10K race. I didn't mind missing the race as I did run a 10K independently a week before so I knew I could do one. The week after my little vacation Dave went to Florida on his vacation. Between the two vacations I wasn't able to run for 2 weeks. This week was my first week of running for quite a while. I did a 4 mile run, then a 4.5 miler, then a 5.25 miler all barefoot.
I stepped on a little stone again today and now have another bruise on the bottom of my right foot. These bruises are annoying to say the least. I stepped on a very wet clump of clay and was afraid it was goose poop but was relieved to look at my foot and see the innocent clay. I have my first official 5K Nov 14th, the free to breathe run. I'm running it in honor of my mom and not sure if it will be barefoot or not.
Dave's looking for a good treadmill for us. He won't settle for anything mediocre so I'm a bit excited to have that piece of equipment for bad weather days.
I think my speed is pretty evened out at about 10 minute miles. I'm not trying to increase my speed but rather my distance. I have my base runs up to 4 miles now. Next week planning on running two 4.5 milers and a 6 miler. I'm not sure if I'll wear shoes for any of it or not. I noticed that when I run on the wet roads my skin sorta peels off the bottom of my feet. It's probably a form error and that bugs me. I'm going to read up on Pose and Chi running and experiment some with those and see what best suits me. Such a learning experience running is turning out to be. I still enjoy it though and that is what is most important.
Today it felt good to go to mcdonalds and know that my run burned more calories than my lunch was. Yay for getting fit.