Thursday, March 7, 2013


I continue on this journey that I pretty much left for the past year except when Deidre was here over the summer. I don't like myself again and now need to get back to a good place. I weigh more than I did when I first started this blog. Three days ago I started doing Leslie Sansones walk away the pounds again and eating a healthy breakfast. Plan to keep that up for at least a week before I think to add anything else. I'm also working on increasing my water consumption again. This one really isn't hard as long as I make myself stay away from sodas. My online ventures for income have taken a drastic hit in the past few months. The program I work for quit working properly THEN payroll also took a nosedive. I'm currently on strike until my payroll is current but don't think I'll be returning. They aren't paying payroll anyways so I don't have to worry about the return yet. Another program took a hit and now they only allow bank wire transfers and they are very expensive, plus I have to withdraw $200 at a time now and my account isn't that big. Another program is working very well and I'm excited over it. I start withdrawing regularly soon. My online job did allow me to get a nice wardrobe. Though now I'm gaining weight too fast to be able to wear most of it comfortably. I'm looking into another company that has a very good reputation and I love the idea of their products. I start using the products myself this month and learning how to work the program. I will be updating this as I progress. For now I'm just excited to start using the products which are green and non-toxic and supposed to be excellent. I've only heard rave reviews.