Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well since I wrote what I would do today yesterday, I decided I should follow through with a post on how I did.

I made 2 eggs this morning but only ate one.
I had my banana for lunch and drank my lemonade.
I had my wrap for dinner.
I still have the munchies so need to find a healthy snack, probably an apple or orange.

I did oopsie though. A customer left a piece of peanut butter fudge for me in one of my rooms today, I ate it and it was delicious. Another customer left chocolate covered raisins. I ate those too. Didn't even think of my healthy eating vow until after consumption :(
Anyways I didn't eat any oreos or oatmeal cookies or chips lol.

I did about 12 flights of stairs again today. Love working on the 3rd floor :) I use the stairs whenever possible at work.
I still need to run but know I won't be skipping that.

I was trying to follow a 4 day run week schedule but I just can't run 2 days consecutively. So I'm following the same schedule but just doing it every other day. I think this extends my marathon training from 16 wks to 18 wks but that's OK.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Day

Tomorrow I will eat well.
I will make my home made lemonade to drink during the day.
I will have an egg with spinach, cheese, and salsa for breakfast
Dinner will be a spinach and hummus wrap
Lunch will be at work and I'll have either a banana or orange or both.

No oreos, No oatmeal cookies, No chips.

I will run at least 3 miles up to 5 miles.

Today I ate horribly, enough said.
I did about 12 flights of stairs for exercise. It wore my butt out!!!
I needed a nap after work. I'm still trying to motivate myself to do some more exercise before bed. Yea, not ideal but at least something.

I spent some time downstairs with Dave and Logan this evening while Dave got ready for going out. He worked on his van that he's selling most of the afternoon. I think it's ready for him to post the for sale sign. I really hope it sells!!
I have to put my car on the road this week. I requested Tuesday and Wed. off work for getting a wall built just to learn that the guy isn't coming Tues. but rather Wed. Sooooooooooo Tues. is car day :)

I'm so happy this past week is over. We were supposed to get snow on Monday so they canceled school. Snow didn't come until AFTER school would have been out so they wasted yet another snow day. Then Tuesday-Thursday were real snow days. Then Friday was a delay. I had to call in late for work on Friday and my whole day was thrown off. Next week Logan has Monday and Friday off. I'm so ready for full weeks of school again.
I got paid again and still haven't even made as much as I used to make babysitting. I'm seriously bummed over this!!!! It's time for a new job. I'm still applying everywhere, trying to get a daytime job but it's just not happening!!! Soooooooooo Frustrated. I thought of asking Amy and Jeremy for my babysitting job back, at least I had weekends off then. AND I made $150/wk which isn't happening at this job. I'm just trying to decide if I hated babysitting more than this.... I'll keep thinking on it for a while. I love not having extra kids ALL. DAY. LONG.