Friday, January 6, 2012


Food is my sustenance.
I don't need food to occupy me during the day.
I need a hobby, or people to talk to.
I will not eat mindlessly.
I will only eat to nourish my body and give it energy to do whatever else my day requires.
When I eat it will not be empty calories.
Every meal will consist of Protein and fiber and some complex carbs.
Complex carbs are GOOD for the body for energy.
Simple carbs are BAD for the body and convert to sugar.

EVERYONE can benefit from a healthy eating plan. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself fat, skinny, fit, perfect. Healthy eating is for YOU.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

It's time to actually put my resolution in writing.
This year I vow to continue to improve my self image through spiritual growth, weight management, nutrition management, and personal pampering.
I did not do as well with my weight management last year and my nutrition management was an up and down scale, which is normal with life.
I am just human and I am living my life to it's fullest.
I recently started on my own spiritual growth track. In the past I have worked on this to varying degrees but I actively decided to add God to my plan this year. This sort of scares me as my husband has very bad preconceptions about Church and people who follow God. My relationship is also something I'm working on but that's supposed to be an ongoing thing within a marriage. I do love my husband and really hope to show him more support and devotion in the future.
I am currently doing a shakeology cleanse for 3 days. Once I have completed this cleanse I am actively going to work on cutting out cheese from my diet, and drastically limiting dairy. At the same time as eating clean as much as possible. It's really hard for me to do this with the ready availability of processed foods. I know the processed stuff is junk but at the same time, I don't want to take the time to prepare my own food. It's a work in progress. I've stated on several occasions through this blog how I hate to cook. If you really want to get to know me on a personal level I suggest you read this blog from the bottom up :) It really does encompass my personality and my health growth.
I still plan on implementing healthy diet and exercise for this. Over the last couple of months I have implemented more walking. I joined a walking group and a very close friend and I go out once a week to walk and socialize.
I will be restarting Body Gospel as well. When I'm not doing this then I do plan to do an alternate video. I get frustrated with Body Gospel because I don't know the routine yet and I get really self conscious (even around just myself) about fumbling through. I will get back into the exercise habit every day though.
This is a very new concept for me. I've lived my entire life taking care of everyone else. My idea of pampering was taking a bath and putting on smelly lotion. I don't like the smelly lotions anymore so if anyone who buys me Christmas or Birthday gifts reads this please take note!!!!
I plan to do a spa day fairly soon complete with massage and a facial.
I want to go for a foot massage!!! I miss having my feet massaged and my husband is anti feet lol.
I plan to go to a salon to get my hair cut.
I plan to get a couple of good outfits for going out to dinner with my husband.
This stuff will not be in the near future but it will be in 2012.