Monday, February 23, 2009


Well I'm really enjoying my videos.
I have a few here that I know I'll never use but I have my old faithful favorites.
I believe that anything Jillian Michaels or Billy Blanks I can enjoy.
I don't like my Karen Voight video, It annoys me. I've been hoping to find someone who would trade videos locally but I just don't connect with any other video exercisers yet.
I am lucky I haven't had to pay full price for all my videos. I was able to get ahold of the billy blanks bootcamps for next to nothing and OOH WOW THEY ARE TOUGH.

I'm going to borrow a heart rate monitor from a friend and see if I really want one. It's one of those nice things to have but really aren't necessary. Of course most accessories aren't necessary. I don't "need" my weights. For videos I can turn to youtube and not have to pay anything but my internet connection which is paid anyways.

Though I love my vid's, I love my weights, I want resistance bands eventually. I'm over feeling like I want a gym membership. I love going to the gym on sundays but it's not necessary for my motivation. The cost of gas and memberships isn't justifiable.
I'm ready for my summer toned body now though. It's taking a long time. Longer of course because I'm not staying on my healthy eating plan as I should. I've been eating sweets the last couple of days. It's time for me to get back on board if I want to lose my 8 pounds necessary by April 1st.
I'm not giving up on that goal yet.
Once I hit 110 then I'll set another goal for 104. I haven't decided on a date for that one. I'm thinking maybe by August 1st. I would love to be at 104 by my birthday :)
I don't plan on going any lower than that though I know I can healthily go down into the 90's.

waist= 31.5
hips= 36
chest= 38
arm= 11.5
thigh= 19.5
weight= 118

Monday, February 16, 2009

Negative Calorie Foods

I found 2 articles talking about negative calorie foods.
One was on and another was in someones weight watchers blog, sorry I didn't bookmark it. So at the risk of plagerizing here they are, these are copy and pasted directly from their sources and as soon as I find them again I will give them credit for their words of wisdom:

"Negative Calorie Foods: 15 Foods That Actually Burn More Calories Than They Contain
Friday, December 7, 2007 at 1:36am by admin

By Laura Milligan

No, we’re not advocating the battle to see how few calories you can consume each day or promoting crash diets in any form or function; however, if you’re a snack-o-holic who can’t stop munching and crunching in between meals, try snacking on one of these negative calorie foods instead of gobbling down a cupcake or big bag of chips. Your body can burn more calories just by chewing and processing the snack than the food contains already. In other words, you’ll be able to keep eating throughout the day without packing on extra pounds.

*Celery: A staple on most party veggie trays, celery (without the ranch dressing) is a crispy snack that you can enjoy without worrying about taking in any calories. It is high in sugar and sodium, but still much healthier than pigging out on brownies or salty peanuts.

*Oranges: Before you leave for work in the morning, toss an orange into your bag for a mid-morning or late afternoon snack. An orange typically contains only 45 calories, so feel free to eat the whole thing!

*Strawberries: Strawberries are a popular negative calorie food because of their natural sweetness and juiciness. Sprinkle a few on your breakfast cereal to give your metabolism an extra jumpstart early in the day.

*Tangerines: A smaller, more tart version of the orange, tangerines are another negative calorie food that’s both tasty and portable. Enjoy one or two for a snack throughout the day to stimulate your taste buds without having to dig through the candy drawer.

*Grapefruit: As big as it is, grapefruit –without the extra sugar on top– is a surprisingly negative calorie food. One-half of a grapefruit only contains 36 calories but a whopping 78% of your daily value of potassium.

*Carrots: Carrots don’t just make your eyes sparkle; they also let you snack guilt-free. Snack on baby carrots instead of chips and salsa while you make dinner, or keep a bag in your office refrigerator when you feel the need to eat due to stress.

*Apricots: Indulge in nutrient-rich apricots for a sweet snack with negative calories. Your higher metabolism and thinning waistline will thank you.

*Lettuce: There’s a dirty little rumor in the magazine industry that the girls at Vogue keep lettuce in their desks to snack on when the hunger pains strike, but they can’t afford to compromise their stick thin figures. We’re guessing you’re not about to go through the day dizzy with starvation, but you can make yourself a hearty salad with lots of lettuce (and other negative calorie veggies!) once you get home. Don’t forget to take it easy on the dressing.

*Tomatoes: Chop up a tomato to give your sandwich, salad or egg whites omelet extra flavor without adding any calories.

*Cucumbers: Your salad can’t survive on lettuce alone. Cucumbers are another negative calorie food that are great for crunching on when your mouth is getting bored. Check here for tips on growing your own cucumbers.

*Watermelon: A traditional summertime treat, enjoying a watermelon is almost fun and delicious as eating candy because of its super sweet, super juicy nature. Plus, you’ll burn off all the calories crunching, digesting, and of course, spitting out the seeds.

*Cauliflower: Another party platter vegetable, raw cauliflower is naturally low in fat and of course, calories, so don’t be shy about piling up your cocktail napkin.

*Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but when eaten as a snack instead of candy bars or chips, apples will also keep the calories at bay. With only 81 calories per apple, your body also works a lot harder and longer to digest the fruit many other snack options.

*Hot Chili Peppers: Excess seasonings and dressings pile on lots of fat and calories to otherwise healthy meals. To avoid gaining weight simply because you’re a condiments junkie, experiment with more natural seasonings like hot chili peppers, which is a negative calorie food.

*Zucchini: Zucchini is a versatile, negative calorie food that can be baked, steamed, fried (not recommended), or prepared in many other ways. With just 15 calories per 100g, make zucchini your new diet staple.

Implementing negative calorie foods into your daily diet doesn’t just help you lose weight by cutting calories; it also speeds up your metabolism and introduces healthier items like fruits and vegetables into your regular food choices and favorite recipes. So no matter how you look at it, you’ll come out ahead."

"Certain vegetables like cucumbers, spinach, celery, watercress, alfalfa sprouts, beet greens, cabbage, chives, endive, lettuce, radishes, garlic, mushrooms, seaweeds, turnip greens, and water chestnuts all burn more calories digesting them than they contain. So, in theory, just eating a cucumber makes you lose weight. In reality, that isn't quite true, but these are all definitely veggies you want to eat a lot of. You can also include broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, peppers, and tomato, but those veggies are borderline. So, if you're going to have a snack, why not cut up a cucumber and pour some vinegar over it? Zero points, and you may actually burn more than you ate. Pretty good, huh? Unfortunately you can't be sneaky and count these veggies as negative points, but that's alright."

small education

What I learned today.
The less you weigh, the more exercise required to burn the same number of calories. I guess that's why weight loss slows down as you approach your ideal weight.
My plan: Up my exercise. I'm going to up my exercise from 20 minutes to 30 every day. So after I do my 20 minute shred videos I'm going to do 10 minutes on the exercise bike, or on the stability ball, or put in another DVD to do 10 minutes of.

Friday, February 13, 2009

OK I decided to take some during pictures. I've decided that the pictures really suck but ah well, there they are.
This is me at 120lbs. It's pictures like these that make me really hate my body as it is. I know I shouldn't feel that way but I do. My boobs are too saggy, my pooch is too prominent and my hips/butt aren't proportionate, In my oppinion of course.
Anyways this is just about my half way point to 104 which is the BMI of 21 I'm eventually looking for.
A friend is going to send me some WW materials and I think I'll read through that and maybe change my plan up. My mother-in-law is using weight watchers and she looked real drawn out last time I saw her. Of course I don't know if it was diet related or other life stresses. I'm hoping it's other life stresses but I think you can even not eat properly on WW. You have to watch where your "points" are coming from. least that's how I believe it works, I don't know.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthier Me

I really have to concentrate on why I started this journey. I want to be healthier. I really believe I must be accomplishing this fact as my food choices are sooo much better than they had been in the past. I'm not eating nearly as much processed products. I hope to keep this up forever. Yes I slip-up......a lot. But I get right back up again and continue as planned.
I'm exercising daily, have been doing so for almost 2 months now. I took 3 days off when I was sick.
I'm not seeing the positive bodily changes that I've hoped for and that's a little discouraging. BUT I do KNOW I'm on the right track. My weight is sticking to right around 120lbs. According to BMI calculators online I'm at 24.2. That's the very high end of healthy YAY. When I started this I was at 27.1, in the overweight range. I'm wanting to get down to between 20 and 22, so I'll set the goal at 21 :) That would put my weight at 104, that's 6 lbs lighter than my original goal, of course I'm keeping my original goal in sight for April 1st as planned.
It's very slow going. I'm not losing pounds and I'm not losing inches. I'm getting more agressive with my carbohydrate consumption for now to get things moving along again. I really want to get to where I can eat 1500 calories a day and have my grains also. One day I will get there.

I've been doing the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. It's hard. I've done 8 days now and not feeling the great results, maybe my hopes were just too high and unrealistic. I read message boards where people are losing pounds and inches. I'm not. I still really struggle through the first "circuit" though the second and third are both much easier for me. I can't even do my 3 lb weights through all the strength, I have to drop down to 1.5 lb weights for some of them. I'm supposed to move on to level 2 in 2 days and I just don't feel ready for it. I don't know if I should try to push forward with it or stay at level 1 until I have a firmer grasp of it. I have 3 days to decide, 2 more days of level 1 then a day of rest....then......??????

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 3

I'm feeling the winter blahs. I'm so ready for spring.
I weighed in at 119 this morning. I had to step on the scale again this afternoon and it was at 121. I'm so excited. My fluctuation is actually finally going under 120!!! I know as long as I stick to plan I'll be under 120 all the time in 3 days. I love having a predictable plan. I can lose 3-4lbs a week if i stick to plan and keep exercising. I've been losing 2 though because I slip up on my plan...though I don't take time off from exercising. It's very important to me to build my muscle and tone up. I want that sexy body by April first and I will get there as long as I keep my goals in sight.
My waist is finally starting to go under 33 inches...FINALLY. I believe it's the exercise that is helping me along here. It's so hard because when I was at this weight before my waist was smaller. I'm hoping to break below 30 inches at 110 lbs.