Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Conscious Choices

I'm back and starting to blog once again to help me stay motivated and on track.
I had gained back every single pound I lost. Yep, every last one moved back in on my waistline and I let it.

I want to eat healthy, make healthy choices which means not eat junk. We all know what junk is. I don't even have to define that. Now I need to break down this goal. It's just too big for me to focus on all at once. How to put it into baby steps for myself, I find this very challenging.

Today I decided to make it conscious choices.
I knew that pop tart this morning was a bad choice and remembered the taste really isn't all that great. Soooooo, why did I want it anyways?
I really felt empowered as I did NOT eat that pop tart but opted for the almonds in the fridge instead, just as easy to grab so I took that excuse away from myself. Taste quality is about the same since the almonds are stale (Won't buy from the bulk bin in that Harris Teeter again), yet so much healthier. I should have had fruit too but hey, at least my good choice overcame the bad on breakfast.

Lunch was my next food challenge. I wasn't even looking to eat, had to get Parker out of the pantry and there were the peanutbutter cookies. I grabbed two and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wanted more!! I wanted them ALL!!!! I realized I was hungry and went to the fridge instead and made my turkey and cheese slathered in hummus wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf, then I made a second "sandwich" as I was still hungry. Then I still didn't feel satisfied and was a bit pouty wanting those cookies. I made myself drink water then work out. IT WORKED!! Cookie craving overcome.

Night time snacking on sugar stuff is my biggest challenge yet. Tonights plan is to make me a fruit smoothie instead and freeze Logans candy cause I don't want to eat frozen candy. It feels good to have a plan. It feels good to feel empowered by my good choices. I need to remember this feeling in moments of weakness.