Friday, December 31, 2010

:: Owl's Roost Rumble ::

:: Owl's Roost Rumble ::

this is my goal first half marathon.
I've set goals before and really hoping that this one is it!!!
I've got to commit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of year reflections

It's time for my end of year reflections.
My exercising has suffered greatly especially the second half of this year.

I experienced a lot of life changes that really stressed me even to the breaking point. I became depressed and started the downward spiral into depression. I don't want to get into any details on my blog as to the why's but it was a definite challenge to 2010!!
I got a grip on the depression now.
I have started thrift store shopping for clothes for me and find that I really do love having a varried wardrobe. I am working on my image. I want to look and feel good to myself and to those around me. I am giving up the frumpy housewife scenario.
I'm done with oversized t-shirts and sweats as my every day wardrobe, these are PJ's.
I have a nice selection of fitting t-shirts and T-top exercise shirts. I'm getting more long sleeve t's and even button up shirts. I even have pants now, not just sweats.

I've been eating pretty good for the most part. Sometimes I eat too much of the crappy sugar stuff but I don't feel the NEED for it. I just don't want to discipline myself and I need to work on that discipline.

Exercise, yea I mentioned it suffered greatly. I'm averaging 2-3 times a week of working out right now. THAT WILL CHANGE!! I do take stairs at work and even make extra trips for myself for the fitness aspect so I haven't completely picked back up the sedentary life.

I've been doing great with my internet addiction. I still get on the pc every day but don't spend all my free time on it. I now only have facebook, triadmommies, and motivated mamas that I keep up with. And my facebook is rather slow because I have so few friends and family active on it. I don't need to keep up with everyones activities.

I feel strong mentally going into 2011.
I will continue to work on my diet and really try to adopt cleaner eating still.
I will make myself get back up to at least 20 min's exercise a day 6 days a week.
I will continue to limit internet time
I will look for more satisfying work which is also compatible with Daves and Logans schedules
I will get dressed every single day and continue to reject the "frumpy housewife" days
I will consciously spend more quality time with my husband whom I dearly love and do not want to take advantage of.

Right now we are decluttering our house. It's a big job. We've moved a lot of furniture around and have made the decision to stay in this house rather than moving again. I am happy with the decision. Today we also got a freezer thus the organizing started in the kitchen. We then moved our bedroom around and made room for the kitchen table. Yea I know this is weird but we are preparing to put up a wall to make our bedroom smaller and the other half will be a breakfast nook for the kitchen table. This room once was two rooms before and someone had taken out the wall that we are now going to put back up.
I got my puppy which I love dearly though don't appreciate the challenge of potty training. We will be putting up a cheap fenced in area so I can keep him outside for long enough to poop because he loves to come in then do his business. Not happy!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

heading downward

Yep I've been on a downward spiral lately. By lately, I mean over the past several months.
I've gained back some weight where I'm back at an average of 118 lbs
I've been on an emotional roller coaster with more dips than climbs.
I'm now back to square one and working on "ME" because me is all I have that I can rely on and I don't want to be disappointed by that person I see in the mirror. I am at this point disappointed in myself.
My sugar addiction that I fought so hard to break is back, which means I must break it again. Holiday time is upon us and it is the hardest time in the world to try to break that addiction. I'm going to work on that though.
I have two current goals. Keep myself exercising and don't eat a lot of sugar items.
I'm happy that I haven't picked up soda again. I still love to drink my water so I haven't gone completely backwards. I still get my sleep but with my marriage being rocky and trying real hard to make time for "couple time" it's real hard not to sacrafice the sleep. Last night I was up til midnight. I'm never up that late anymore!!! I had to take a nap this morning just to feel like I can function. Now I need to exercise.

I hate my weight training. I really try to love it but I just can't. I hate doing it though I do feel a great sense of accomplishment when done.
My current plan of action: Jackie Warner save me!!!! I tried to get back into CLX (Chalean Extreme) last week and made myself do it every day except the last. I can't do it this week so I'll be starting Jackie Warners one on one video for the week. After this week I'll re-evaluate. I might just have Dave show me how to use his universal gym thingy. I think he'd like that, but me being so little and him being so much larger than I, I just don't see how the machine can be set up where we can both use it comfortably.
I have no problem with cardio. My biggest problem is all I want to do is run but I can't do that on consecutive days or I get completely worn out.
I'm going to take out one of my WATP videos and my Jackie Warner and make myself do them. Jackie Warner is only 15 or 20 min's and WATP can be as little as 20 min's. I can fit in 40 min's. Time isn't my issue, though boredom does become an issue.
I hate my job. I have been concentrating all my spare time in job hunting and it is just no fun and frustrating. I sooooo want a new job to come through. I pray about this on a daily basis because I do want to be happy in my work. I think my unhappiness in my work is spilling over into my personal life and that is just no good, no good at all. Dear God please let me get a job that I can at least tolerate!! OK post done for today.

Monday, September 27, 2010



lets see if this takes.
paybox appears to be an alternative or competition for paypal.
I have a lot of WAHM friends so this definitely sounds like a good thing.
I know the last service that came out did good with honoring free $$ giveaways so I'm optimistic for this one as well. Who can sneeze at $50 free.

Friday, September 24, 2010

IIIIII'M Running

again, still? somewhere in there.
I signed up for a 10K and I'm not flaking out on this one. It's tomorrow :)
I picked up my awesome race packet today. I did get a t-shirt which surprised me as I only registered yesterday and was way late for the guaranteed t-shirt cut off. I also got a cook book and reusable grocery bag. I loved my race packet!! The t-shirt is an awesome lime green which I will proudly wear to Logan's soccer game after my race.

I had been doing pretty good picking up my running again and had some routes around the neighborhood all scoped out for the upcoming weeks....then my son got jumped in the neighborhood.
I no longer felt safe running outside alone in the neighborhood. I don't feel safe running alone and don't have any runner friends, I'm not a social runner anyways. Sooooooo I moved it inside onto my treadmill. All my runs are exclusively on the treadmill now. All I need is a decent mp3 player that will actually play using it's battery now. I've topped out at 5 miles on the TM before I get too bored and jump off. I can't wait to see how I do on this 10K.
I've come to the realization and accepted the fact that I am a penguin. I enjoy running much more when I'm not trying to go fast. This will be my first race trying to keep that in mind. I still want to go fast but I feel better when I go slow. I want to feel the way I feel when I'm slow but be fast lol. Though it seems I must pick and choose so I am choosing slow and happy rather than fast and out of breath.

I've been eating horrible lately. I'm addicted to pop tarts *hide*
There I admitted it, now to break it. Today I didn't eat any pop tarts. I ate fantastic actually and I'm super proud. Nothing processed except about 4 mini pretzels from Logan's party mix stuff.
I did walk away the pounds 2 miles today. I've been real lazy with my work outs too. I've only been wanting to run or use my husbands recumbent bike. I need to bust out my videos and do them religiously again. OK done until tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm still working on learning to maintain my physical fitness and healthy eating without having to track. I refuse to count calories but have learned that I will always have to remain conscious of portion size and what I eat. I still ask myself "how much nutrition vs calories" if there are too many calories with not enough nutrition then I won't eat it, usually.
I get bored running. I love to run. Yep it's a vicious circle lol. I love how I feel after a long run but I'm oh so bored after 30 min's. I love how it makes me sweat and I know I'm killing mega calories thus shrinking those oooh so hated fat cells. I still can't seem to make myself go beyond 30 min's this season. So I run in 30 minute bursts. I am still a slow poke. I get in between 2.5 and 3 miles at a time. I want so badly to train for a half marathon in my mind, but when it gets down to actually doing it, NOPE, not happening.
I love all of my videos. I got too many so thinned out. I still have too many but just can't get rid of any more (the hoarder in me). I kept the ones that I'll use at least once every 3 months.
I have 4 categories: CLX (Chalean Extreme)/Jackie Warner (weights), Jillian Michaels/Biggest Loser (circuit), Leslie Sansone (low impact cardio), Hip Hop Abs/ Zumba (my dancy ones).
I didn't run my 10K this year like I had originally planned. I didn't train properly and we were going on a trip right after so I didn't wanna kill myself with the race. There is an 8K in 2 weeks that I'm debating. I want to do it but really can't afford it. Though I think I really need the race atmosphere at this time. I know I can do 8K which is just about 5 miles. Will I run more than 30 min's in a race? The race itself isn't for a great cause in my eyes so I don't know if I can get myself to spend the $30 to find out.
I've gotten out my raw books again to help me with my veggies and fruits. I've been slacking lately. I know it's time to concentrate more on that nutrition...again. I had swollen feet the other day as a reminder that I really need to do this for my HEALTH. I also need to get myself to a dr and get my numbers checked. U know those general physical things that I've NEVER had a complete one before in my adult life. I want to know my BP, cholesterol, weight vs build etc.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Freedom Run 2010 and Kigo

I just got home from this years Freedom Run. I had signed up for the 10K but chickened out at the last minute and went for the 2 miler again this year. My goal was to get a sub 20 minute 2 miler. I almost reached my goal. My finish time was 20:14, and I wore my new kigo star's :)
I'm not talking about shoes at the beginning though, this is dedicated to the volunteers for the race first. I love to run races. I don't stand a chance of winning any with a 10ish minute mile pace but I love the atmosphere and I can completely race myself. I did a LOT better than last year. It was easy to run the whole thing without a single walk break. What is it that makes a race what it is? What separates it from an ordinary run? It's the spectators, the other participants, the volunteers, and the organizers. It's amazing to see a race all put together and coming off so smoothly. I bet it doesn't seem smooth to the organizers when they are putting it together but they really got this Freedom Run down pat. I love it. I want to publicly thank anyone who has ever volunteered at a race for all you have done. You may see it as just holding a cup of water but if you weren't there holding that cup of water for me then I wouldn't be able to be running this race. You may think you are just standing around to be sure runners and walkers don't get obstructed by traffic but you keep us focused and whenever we see one of you our energy soars. THANK YOU.

Now on to my Kigos. I've been wearing them around the house for a bit over the past week. The first 2 days I was unsure if I was going to keep them. I ordered a size 7 as all the reviews I've read said that they tend to run small. I normally wear either a 6 or 6.5 shoe, depending on the make. Since they don't have half sizes I decided 7 would probably be best. They are loose. I have to keep the inserts inside them, which I did not plan to do, and I have to wear some light socks with them, which I also didn't plan to do. I had a difficult time finding some acceptable socks to go with them.
I ordered the stars because they are open on top of the foot and I want my feet to breathe as much as possible. I HATE SWEATY FEET! I like the mary jane style as it secures the shoe to my foot. These shoes arrived within 2 days of my order. They were shipped the very night that I had ordered. After I ordered I read a review that gave a discount and I contacted customer support asking about it and they had no problem applying the discount to my order, even though I ordered before knowing of the discount. They were super nice.
I took the shoe out of the box and first thing I noticed was that silly hook at the top of it. I read the instructions and learned that it was for storage purposes, and easy carrying. Well I did fold the shoes in half and play with the hooks but to be honest I won't be using them except maybe if I happen to decide to travel without wearing them I'll hook them together so the pair stays together. I honestly plan to wear these for everything I wear shoes for though.
I then noticed the biodegradable storage bag, how innovative!! I was impressed and wondered why they aren't used more often instead of those throw away plastic bags. Thanks kigo for thinking of the world we live in and being a responsible manufacturer.
Even with the inserts my arches don't feel overly supported and obstructed. My feet can breathe and they really made my 2 miler a breeze. I really do want to try a size 6 but I'm still afraid they may be too small. Though maybe someday if they are offered in a store I can get to at least I'll be able to try them on.
These shoes soles are super flexible and they seem very durable. I am going away to the beach this weekend, and to the mountains next. We will be strolling the beach together and hiking some trails together and of course doing some running at both places!!! My new kigos and I will be doing a lot together over the next several months. After our travels we will be training for our first half marathon together :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

new pic

I'm finally adding a new pic. I don't look too thrilled but hey, it's no fun taking a picture of yourself. Though I do want to show that I really am still on the healthy path in my life :) Nothing speaks louder than a picture online.

I got my new shoes and hope to wear them for my 10K on Saturday. Gotta try them out with running today or tomorrow first. I just may be wearing my Nike's for one more race.
I love loafing around in the new ones. They are a mary jane style kigo and so airy compared to a sneaker. I'm just not sure about the size of them. They are great for loafing around in so I am keeping them. They may be too loose for running. I wanted to take the inserts out for my running but I can't do that. I have to keep the inserts AND wear a sock. I may eventually get a size smaller so I can take out the insoles and not wear socks for my running. I really hate having my feet covered and tampered with.

I am NOT ready for this 10K race on Saturday. I will push myself as hard as I can go and hope to run the whole thing but I think I will be doing a run/walk routine by the end. I'm still excited though. I really did think that for my 1 yr running anny race I'd be ready for 10K. I didn't anticipate taking several months off from running.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

I've been doing horrible this past week.
Terrible carb cravings. This always happens before shopping time because most of my healthy options are gone so I go for the frozen chicken nuggets, then the pop tarts, then it's all downhill!!!
Today I vow once again to restart my healthy eating. I haven't eaten yet. Breakfast plan is to actually cut up my cantaloupe that is hanging out in the fridge. I need a no bread product few days. I always have to do this to kick my carb cravings. I will miss my burritos for the next 3 days or so but will do what I must to get back on track :)
My weight is hanging out at 111 lbs since the soup diet. Yep I gained back one pound but I'm still OK with it especially considering how I have been eating the past week!!
I need to be careful though. I am good at maintaining my weight now because I have learned how to be careful.
I'm still not committed enough to make myself lose this last little bit of weight which does irritate me but my feelings are always changing. I am now not at the very high end of the healthy weight range but more middle ground. Is the low end actually desirable????? I don't know, maybe it's excessive. I don't want to be one of those people who thinks I'm overweight when I'm clearly not. I think part of my struggle is the way I saw my mom. She NEVER went over 107 lbs. She usually was around 100 lbs and was always trying to gain weight. When she lost her health was when she gained weight. When she passed away she was weighing in at 115 and looked horrible. She was bloated and just overall not good. I am built like my mother, except I have a chest where she didn't...I inherited that gift from my dads family lol. BUT I always feel that I also should weigh 107 at my highest point. I shouldn't think like that. I really AM my own person!!!! I am not EXACTLY like my mother. It should be great for me to weigh 111 lbs.
Now that I had this pep talk with myself maybe I can concentrate more on my fitness because I have been neglecting that too much lately too. Right now I'm training for a 10K race. I want to run the whole thing. Because of that I am not weight training for the next two weeks. Weight training makes me too tired to run at my best. I know I shouldn't skip it but I am and am really trying to not feel the guilties over it.
THAT is hard with the motivated mamas lol. We are all about all around health and when a piece of the segment gets neglected we let each other know it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cabbage soup Diet

I've been doing this for the past 3 days. Today will be my last day. I am not a fan of fad diets but this one really did have healthy foods and included all the food groups. I just planned to use it as a jump start to restart my weight loss and it has been successful :)
The recipe I used called for:
1 head cabbage, 1 bunch celery, 1 large onion, 2 green peppers, lipton onion soup mix, canned tomatoes. I also added green beans, zucchini, cayenne, and canned mexican tomatoes seasoned with green chiles but I omitted the green peppers because they are crazy expensive right now.

I'm going to copy and paste my updates from another forum here:
Day 1: Scale has moved down 2 lbs (yea this is from pre soup efforts). I should clarify that I am using the other soup recipe that was posted on this forum at the same time. The one with the cabbage and without the beef broth (I don't do beef).
I feel hungry but the soup isn't at all filling. I ate strawberries and apples today. Didn't feel like cutting the watermelon or cantaloupe. They haven't been filling either, nor is the water for that matter. So I will be going to bed a bit hungry tonight. I did end up adding more veggies to my soup and lightening up the hotness of my cayenne pepper.
I did have 3 bowls of soup, about 2 cups of strawberries, and an apple today. I just don't feel like eating because I know it isn't going to make the stomach feel better anyways.

Day 2 (Morning): Woke up not at all hungry. Getting ready to have my soup breakfast and eat some raw spinach I'm really wanting my bean tortillas this morning!!! Though alas I will wait. I can't wait until my starchy bean burger reward t'nite. I am replacing the baked potato with a black bean burger topped with salsa. I think my body is seriously craving the protein!!!
I ran 4.2 miles the day before starting the diet, I did upper and lower body strength training for 45 minutes yesterday. My BUTT muscles hurt!! I need to run another 4 miles today and just don't feel the energy there. I have read that people get an energy surge after 3 days. I sure hope this is me
All in all, I like the soup. I will make it regularly even when I'm not doing this diet. I think it's super healthy and yummy. I'll just accompany it with chicken or something.

Now for the part most people neglect to share but everyone wonders (at least I do). I have not had any stomach cramps or extra gas that have been real stinky and unbearable or unusual bowel movements. No diarrhea or constipation Day 2 has begun so we'll see as it continues.
Scale Progress: down 3 lbs.

Day 3 morning
: I did quite well yesterday but the watermelon I didn't cut on the fruit day was calling my name. I cut it open before bed and had a piece. I LOVED IT. It was so sweet and tasty and I usually don't care much for watermelon. I had my serving of beans instead of the baked potato and loved that too. It actually felt like a normal meal with my soup, sauteed yellow squash and black bean burger with chunks from the soup on top of it. I was tempted by DH's french fries but did not indulge.
Scale has me at 110 this morning. I was at 114-116 before the diet began. I was afraid that the weight wouldn't melt off me because I have so little to lose but that isn't so. I guess the fact that I've never done this diet before is working in my favor.
Still no discomforts or foul odors eminating from me
I look forward to drinking a glass of skim milk today (I've only been drinking water thus far). I need to work for 4 hrs today and will be out of the house all day so eating on day 3 will be a little challenging, so glad it's both fruits and veggies.

Day 3 bedtime: Had a successful day though ate much more fruit than veggies For our play date we brought sliced watermelon. I had to get gas and also bought my DS an ice cream. I ate strawberries while he ate ice cream. Lunch was a salad with fresh spinach leaves, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and pineapple. My dressing was the pineapple juice. I had a sweet tooth today lol. Dinner was my soup and squash leftovers.
I think tomorrow will be my last official day on this diet. I have between 2-3 bowls of soup left and don't plan on making more. I've been looking forward to this banana and skim milk day I love both!!
The day after I will be resuming healthy eating. I will continue with the plan of the diet minus the soup. I already have plans to make a stuffed cabbage roll dinner with ground turkey and black beans, topped with onions and diced tomatoes. It won't be the stuffed cabbage rolls of my past but they will be super healthy and I hope super yummy.
I do feel that I am successful with this diet though I'm quitting early. I didn't really think I'd go all the way through anyways. I just wanted to kick start myself on losing that last 10 lbs, which I have. I'm sure I'll be down to just the last 5 after all is said and told. I am confident I will be able to keep it all off with all the healthy habits I have created even prior to going on this diet

Day 4 breakfast: I had my banana and cup of skim milk. The bananas are too ripe but they will have to suffice, they really were perfect yesterday wish I could have eaten them then. I still didn't have my soup and up to this point I started each day with a bowl of soup. DH and I ate together though and I didn't want his weird inquiries to me eating soup for breakfast.
The scale still has me at 110 so just solidifying the losses I already had :P
My concern: Bananas make me have to use the bathroom. I'm afraid I might live in the bathroom today.

My scale has me down 4 lbs for the 4 days. I will weigh again tomorrow as I won't be breaking the diet until tomorrow morning :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Then and Now

I just took measurements because it's been forever.
I went back in my blog archives and retrieved my first measurements:

""A recap of my own accountability.
I started at 130 on Dec 26th (my scale had me at 135 nanny scale was different)with a waist measurement of 35 inches
I didn't lose any weight but my waist measurement went down to 34 inches.
I so wish I measured my chest, arms, hips, and thighs so I could track how lean my exercise is getting me. I'll do that now:

Chest: 39.5 inches
arms: 12.5 inches
hips: 41 inches
thighs: 21 inches"

Now todays measurements:
Weight: 114
Waist: 31
Chest: 35.5
Arms: 10.5
Hips: 36
Thighs: 18

Since the beginning of this journey I have lost
Weight: -21 lbs
Waist: -4 inches
Chest: -4 inches
Arms: -2 inches
Hips: -5 inches
Thighs: -3 inches

Total losses 21lbs and 18 inches :) I can call that success!!

I'm still here

Still working on my healthy eating, healthy exercise, and healthy internet usage.
I still slip up with my eating and think it would be much easier for me if I had more money for groceries. I am now in the process of trying to accumulate a plethora of simple recipes I will enjoy the taste of and the process of preparing. I would like to come up with a month long stable menu plan. I aim to irradicate all processed foods from my home slowly but surely. I know that if I can come up with a menu that I am willing to prepare my husband would have no problem eating it. I will allow him to continue having his chips in the house as they are something that neither Logan nor I enjoy anyways.
I want to find alternative breakfasts for Logan. He loves pop tarts. Those things are horrendous!!!! My first attempt will be a black bean brownie. I really hope he takes to this. Deidre gave us a great recipe for a breakfast casserole which I am building off from to eliminate the bread.

Yesterday I was so proud of my days eating.
For breakfast I had 1 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup 2% milk. I like to use skim but I can't afford to have 2 different kinds of milk in the house. I've been alternating buying skim one time then 2% the next. It's one of my compromises and Dave hasn't complained at all.
Lunch and dinner was fresh tomato and zucchini semi cooked together with Mrs. Dash for seasoning. I picked at this for both meals. I did have to work yesterday and forgot to bring any food with me so I got a nutrigrain bar from the concession stand. Not a great food choice but better than snacking on the candy there and I really wanted my body to have some sort of fuel without skipping that entire 4 hour block. I also ate a couple of strawberries and grapes for snacks.
I tried frozen grapes for the first time today. They really are a good snack :) I am pleased as grapes usually go bad and get thrown away around here.

Today sofar I had a banana for breakfast and snacked on some strawberries. Then for lunch I had my oatmeal and 2% milk with strawberries cut in it for sweetener. I need to work today and plan to bring some broccoli with me. I'm starting to crave the wrap I make with 1 scrambled egg, 1 tablespoon salsa, and a handful of fresh spinach wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I actually got that idea from McDonalds breakfast burritos. I wanted to healthify it though lol.

Exercise hasn't been as exciting for me lately. I've been running because I'm too lazy to put in one of my videos lol. It's easier just to jump on the treadmill and run and I know I get a good calorie burn, good heart racing work out. I also know my body needs change and I really need to re-work on this. I am still consistently active but really need to get my groove on as for change. Today I will be doing Jackie Warners total body work-out. It is a strength training program which I have been neglecting for the past two weeks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update April 2010

It's time for me to catch everyone up with me.
My weight is hovering at 116. I'm fine with that. I have stated several times wanting to get down to 110 but I haven't put an honest effort into doing so. I am continually fighting unhealthy eating and sedentary tendencies.

We did move back to our old house. I'm happy with the decision and happier that Dave is happy too. He was very apprehensive at first but it has gone well. We are settled in and I have also settled in to my job. I'm co-ordinating a summer camp program at work and really need to get my butt in gear for that. I'm a lil disappointed that there is only one child signed up sofar but hey, one child is worth completing a program for :)

Latest issues have been with my older son. Not getting into that at all here but we are making him move into his own place and praying that he does well for himself. We will be changing his room into a spare bedroom. Dave wants to put up a wall making our room a lot smaller, too small in my opinion. Our room doubles as my craft room, which I seldom use. I do like it like that though :)

Running: This has been nearly non existent since moving. I have actually been doing horrible with exercise all together!!! I'm getting back into it though. It has taken me quite some time to adjust to being a work out of home mom. I'm doing ok though not real happy with child care. I'm so glad he only goes to child care part time. I will be hunting for something else. OK I got distracted on this paragraph. Back to my exercise.
This week I started a new strength training program with Jackie Warner. I have 2 of her DVD's and am currently using the one where she spends 15 min's each on upper, lower and abs. I'm doing her upper one day, lower the next, then none the next. I'm not doing abs yet as I'm also doing the sit up challenge. I'm on week 2 of that. After the sit up challenge I'll be re attempting to do the push up challenge.
I have Just started doing cardio again. During my absence I was only doing a step counter and trying to get at least 10,000 steps in per day and not letting myself go under 8,000 steps. It's a great starter program but I was definitely not at starter level.
Yesterday I ran a mile then did intervals of walk/run for the second mile. I ran about 5 minutes at an 8.5 minute mile pace. That is super fast for me!!! I usually average 11.5 minute miles. I think I will be running outside this evening if it doesn't rain. I actually haven't been loving my outdoor runs since moving back here. I don't know if it's apprehension of living in a rougher area or if it's actually because the roads are older and more congested. I lived in such a suburban type neighborhood before, I do miss it for the running aspect. I won't even take off my shoes here, I know I'd stub my toe on a raised sidewalk or something. It isn't as pretty and smooth as the old neighborhood.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headless Chicken

Yep that's me lately. I'm the headless chicken running around with a fountain of blood spewing from it's neck. OK I probably should have left that part out but I just wanted to add the gore for affect.
Life is such a whirl right now. House hunting with my husband is a nightmare (and that IS an understatement). He changes his mind from day to day, hour to hour, sometimes minute to minute. I can't keep up, I just want to be stable. I was so thrilled to see our foreclosure court date on official papers this week. I could have jumped for joy!!! WOW most people say, that in itself would depress most people. HELL NO, that means a DECISION must be made and soon. Still not soon enough though. I still have at least 30 days of this BS. He asks what I think and I always tell him two options for houses. The smartest one, and the one I currently like best. Yes my current favorite is always changing because for some reason or another the "old" favorite gets taken out of the mix....then added back in BLAH. SO!!!!! We still have no idea where we are moving, our house forecloses and we must move by April 8th, Dave keeps submitting then withdrawing offers, and the gas wasted to go look at these places is enough to keep a small country in energy.

NEXT: School and childcare. I was supposed to go to a magnet school fair for getting Logan into preschool next year. I feel this is VERY important as he's no where near kindergarten ready. The catch, You need an address. Yea.....see the house portion of this post above!!! So I'm supposed to pick his school with the whole house situation in the air, apply, then wait until June or July just to see if he's accepted. I just started a new job this week. I love the job but I need child care for Logan and I'm still working out my last two weeks with Nickolas. I want a child care with a preschool curriculum, and I don't want it to be way out of the way. Though since I don't know where I'm moving to I don't know what is "out of the way". I'm looking close to my work this week but the search isn't turning up many good leads.

Work: I really like my new boss and the people I work with. I can't say I'm getting any training though. The boss puts me in charge immediately then is on his way. He came back to an "incident" the other day which I was unaware of. A party wanted to go into the gym before their hostess came to pay. The employees did as they were supposed to and made the party wait for their hostess. The party got rude. How on earth was I to know the party got rude if the employees didn't inform me?? Yes he knew as soon as he came in, as the employees ran to him and told him as soon as he opened the door. I check and ask all day long but they don't have their faith and confidence in the new girl yet especially when they know policy better than I anyways. AH well that's just how working goes. When they don't wanna deal with a situation I'm sure they'll get to where they seek me out. I do have a plan to start the first "fun fitness" program at work and will be starting that once I'm done watching Nickolas and can work week days.

Congo: Yea I said I would guest on the congo and set up my store for the month of March. My reasoning; life can't wait until all situations are optimal. If I commit to something then surely I'll be moving when I need to keep my product handy for shipping. OOOh and don't forget that I need to make items to begin with. LOL it's going to be a light guest spot for me.

Sick AGAIN. To top everything off I'm sick yet again. Severe congestion with lots of snot that is never ending!!! My abs are sore from the coughing and blowing. I think my nose is calloused now because it doesn't hurt but I'm blowing it at least 4x's/hr. So lets get into the math....1 blow every 15 min's makes 32 blows in an 8 hr day. Each time producing enough snot to make my tissue all squishy and fall apart gross. I bet in the past 4 days I've blown out enough snot to make a half sized model of myself. This sick started literally the day before my first day on my new job. I know it's stress related as well as germ related. I've NEVER been a sickly person and this year it's one right after another.

OK now that I've vented some maybe I can start to function. I need to exercise, I need to eat healthy, I need to feel good again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mom's cooking, smoke alarm goes off, and nobody leaves the house!!!
OK this time it wasn't an issue, nor last time.

There was a time though when I was cooking and then forgot I was cooking. I went outdoors "just for a sec" and then got distracted...and then.....

Kids streaming out of the house, running really, choking, smoke not far behind them. I was burning potatoes on the stove. (you remember that D & A?)
The smoke was THICK. I'm a horrible kitchen person. I don't like to watch what I'm cooking. I get side tracked.

This known about me it seems kids would check to make sure everything is ok rather than ignoring the smoke alarm. A smoke alarm going off is really a big deal, especially with me cooking!!!!!