Saturday, January 31, 2009

Half way

Today I hit 122lbs!!!!!!!
I'm half way there weight wise. I now need to re-focus on my exercise. I've been sick this week and using that as an excuse to not exercise. I start back again today with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.
Here's my start measurements for that:
weight: 122
waist: 33
hips: 38
chest: 38
thigh: 18
arm: 12.5

My waist measurement MUST CHANGE!!!!
I'm sick of being in the 30's lol....I want a 29 inch waist again, I had that at 115 lbs before so feel that my waist is definately too large now. Though I should take into consideration body changes as you age, it's hard to imagine my waist will be so much larger at the same weight as before.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

you tube workouts

this first is a link to all the sparkpeople free videos.
stability ball workout:

New You Bootcamp:

these are all videos I use in my workouts. some days I don't do any of them and I use other videos, other days I'll use 2 or 3 of them.
the first one really gets my butt muscles!!!!
These are all by coach nicole from and fantastic exercises :)
wanted to post them all in one spot to make it easy for me to find them. I usually leave a few open on my pc desktop at all times.
I learned today that I actually do get fitTV. I'm so happy :) I love a couple of their workout programs but haven't paid much attention to when they come on because I figured I couldn't follow regularly. Now I'm going to hunt up a good evening program I hope.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20 weigh in

Today I weighed in at 125
waist: 33"
Arms: 12"
Hips: 38"
chest: 39"
thigh: 19"

I'm so happy.
in the past week I've lost 4.75 inches (adding all the losses together)
yay for a smaller me!!!!

If you read this blog you better comment and celebrate with me lol.

I'm doing 17 minutes a day (that's how long it takes to register 100 calories) on my exercise bike
I'm also sporadically doing aerobic and body strengthening videos. My intensity on the bike has gone up as well as my durability during aerobic exercise. I love exercising as my toddler does also. Though I'm finding that most of his daily issues have to happen while I'm exercising. He does his best to stop me and it really stinks when he actually succeeds in making me stop mid video. I love when he's joining in because I know those times he's going to most likely let me complete it. But if he quits after only 5 minutes then I have to watch out.

I'm completely HATING my babysitting job. She now wants me to work some 16.5 hr days which I find unacceptable. She just sprung this on me this week so I came home and instantly started looking for another position. I applied for a crochet pattern editor job. That would be very rewarding. I really don't want an out of home job but this one just seems right up my alley and I couldn't pass it up without trying for it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

lazy weekend

well I've had the worst weekend for laziness. I'm cooking my dinner now. I so want to make it a reward meal like the CAD (Carbohydrate Addicts Diet) suggests but I sort of blew one of my craving reducing meals. So I'm just making it yummy and low carb.
I'm having seasoned chicken, broccoli, and deviled eggs. YUM and so high in protein. oOOO I also want another drink of milk. I'll see about starting CAD tomorrow. Though I'm liking the IRD (Insulin Resistance Diet). I'm trying to decide if it's best to spread the carbs out throughout the day like on IRD or take them all at once like on CAD. I'll still do more research and see what I find.

I only rode the bike for 10 minutes yesterday. HAVE to ride it 20 today to feel good about myself. The weight is starting to melt right off now that I'm low carb. That makes me feel good and I know I can maintain my weight as long as I keep myself carb smart which I will definately do because I am liking not having these cravings for sweets, or chips, or other junk. The true challenge is going to be when I'm ready to add pasta, rice or potato....that might be when I go CAD.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

update 1/17

OK I know I haven't been posting here and it's time for me to update. I've been posting on instead.
My weightloss.....just isn't happening according to the scale where I nanny.
According to my home scale I've lost 5 lbs. I have no idea which scale is messed up. they both measure my son exactly the same.
My measurements yesterday were:
waist: 34
arm: 12
thigh: 19
hips: skipped because I only had my 36 inch tape measure with me.

I've just starting to eat low carb balanced meals. I just can't get this stubborn weight to come off so I truly believe carbs are my issue. I don't think I can eat the 160ish carbs a day that my sparkpeople diet was allowing me. I've gone down to less than 30 per day for a few days anyways then I'll gradually increase. Learning what foods I can and can not eat. I have a feeling it will take me the entire year to learn how to eat best for me lol.

Exercise is going great. I've also changed this plan up a bit as well. I ordered some circuit training DVD's. For those who don't know what circuit training it, it's weights and aerobic exercise mixed together to give you your cardio and strength training at the same time. I love my Richard Simmons DVD's and plan on continuing to use them too. I've decided that I'm not going to go over 25 minutes at a time in cardio at least for now. I'm going to work on building up my intensity of my workouts. On the exercise bike I started at 15 minutes at an intensity of 1.2 (yea I really don't understand this either but I'm using the bikes numbers). Now I generally do 16 minutes at an intensity of 1.5. I do 16 minutes because that's when the dial registers 100 calories :)

Logan is really on board with this exercise thing. He likes to make up exercises then he poses and tells me to "look at this exercise mommy". It's absolutely adorable. He was even singing "Big girls don't cry" all day yesterday, from one of my Richard Simmons DVD's lol. I ordered him a kids tae bo kick boxing DVD which should be here on Monday. I hope he likes it and we can work out with that together.

My husband is very supportive yet still doubtful that I will lose my stomach fat. Not because he doesn't believe in me but because HE'S been fighting the bulge also. One way we differ is I've always fought it with diet in the past.....and he's still fighting it with exercise. I'm finally combining diet and exercise, he's still not willing to change his diet but that may come as he sees me tone down :) He's been great with buying me fresh fruits and veggies and he's finally quit buying sodas for me. He actually picked out ones he thought I wouldn't like the other day so I wouldn't be tempted by them. So cute, but soda just isn't tempting me anymore.

slip-ups: Yep they are happening. Big time this past week. I made an oreo no bake dessert with Logan and I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!!!!!!! I tried to be good and planned on only having one serving, as one serving is acceptable; we all need reward foods on occasion. Well nobody was eating the stuff and it was just sitting there. What a shame!!!! I of course ate almost the WHOLE DANG THING. Yep my carb monster came out and took over. Which I'm now fine and under control, and learned I'll NEVER MAKE THAT DESSERT AGAIN.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've been blogging on and haven't been keeping up here.

I went off my eating plan today and it really surprised me. I went to McDonalds with my son and got myself a grilled chicken sandwich, a fruit and yogurt parfait, and a small diet coke. My eating plan wouldn't have allowed as much mayo or bread or any diet coke. I also ate a bite of chocolate chip cookie. I thought the chocolate chip cookie tasted grossly sweet. I couldn't stand it. The diet coke also tasted icky, so I think my taste buds really are changing for the better here I did notice that I wasn't wanting to "cheat" much the past week.

I stepped on the scale today and it's finally starting to fluctuate. I'm not recording a weight yet until it stays steadily lower than my last weight.
My arms and legs are starting to tone down. Waist and chest measurements are remaining the same.
I was able to complete a whole 30 minute video yesterday. I ended up having to march out 1 song of it but was able to get back into it once my heart rate got back under control again.
Goal this week: be able to consistently do the 30 minute video every day. Do my strength training all 3 days. ride the exercise bike an additional 15 minutes after the video for 3 days.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

ok I'm joining a new support forum.
it's free :) and hopefully more helpful than what i've been using sofar.

I'm feeling bummed today that I still haven't seen any weight loss WAH!!!!!

I keep telling myself I'm not in a hurry...but u know what...... I really am.
I want a slimmer, more fit me NOW.
ok my whine for now is over, now time to draw up my plan for today. I got on the exercise bike for 5 minutes this morning before breakfast, ate my oatmeal with brown sugar and skim milk and drank my first glass of water for the foodwise i'm doing ok sofar. exercisewise i'm also on track, I will be doing more bike riding later and think I'll get some help from hubby on his weight set. I talked to him about it some yesterday but he completely talked over my head.

Copied from my Diaperswappers thread:
"A recap of my own accountability.
I started at 130 on Dec 26th with a waist measurement of 35 inches
I didn't lose any weight but my waist measurement went down to 34 inches.
I so wish I measured my chest, arms, hips, and thighs so I could track how lean my exercise is getting me. I'll do that now:

Chest: 39.5 inches
arms: 12.5 inches
hips: 41 inches
thighs: 21 inches

I joined and absolutely fell in love with it. I'll be doing most of my tracking there. I joined a contest which is a 10 minute cardio work out every day for the month of jan. Not sure what my goals with this work out are yet. I'm hoping my weight loss will be reflected by joining in on this.
I tried to do crunches the correct way today. OMG that's HARD. I only got 6 in so I really know where I need to work on my strength lol. My abs have suffered greatly over the years."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

food diary

todays intake:
made 64+ oz of water ...YAY
1 serving oatmeal with brown sugar and skim milk for breakfast.
1 serving oatmeal with brown sugar and skim milk with a brownie for lunch (still unable to give up those snacks completely but at least not snacking on them between meals)
2 servings homemade chicken vegetable soup with beans added, 1 serving oyster crackers, 1 oatmeal cookie, 1 serving (maybe a lil less) corn tortilla chips.
All I drank was water today and Dave even bought me a soda which I turned down.

I rode the exercise bike for 23 minutes today. still no videos in todays mail :( i sure hope they come monday as i'm working tues-thurs next week and want to keep up my exercising without getting too creative lol.

It's now 7:50pm and I'm done eating for tonight. I haven't been snacking at all after 8pm recently, usually go to bed pretty early though last night Logan and I were up til about 11 maybe 11:30. I'm still feeling thirsty and will drink more water. Still peeing ALL THE TIME which is super annoying. I've lost some of my energy that I boasted a few days back and my muscles are starting to ache some but I will not let that stop me!!!!!!!!!!

weigh in

I'm doing my weigh in's on Fridays.
Yesterday I weighed the same but lost an inch in the waist. I wish I measured my chest as well because I feel that I've lost some there also.
I'm exercising which is very new to me and I know muscle weighs more than fat. I'm thinking I didn't lose weight because I'm bulking up muscle at the same time which is TOTALLY fine with me. I'm very pleased!!!!!!!!
I'm not looking for quick weight loss but it certainly would be a bonus lol.
I've been very tempted to go back on a low carb diet but keep resisting. I'm trying REAL HARD to change my lifestyle to a healthier eating and exercise regime.
My videos still haven't come...dang the slow holiday mail!!!!!!!! ah well.
I was locked out of the exercise room where I nanny so I really can't wait until those videos come so I can bring my portable DVD player and play them there while with the kids, I know they will enjoy doing them with me.

This week is not about restrictions at all. I'm going to continue with the no soda, increased water, no candy routine...which I plan to do forever now. OK I will have a piece of candy in the future but it won't be a weekly occurence lol.

This week I'm going to attempt to up my fresh fruits and vegetables consumption, AND I'm going to add a bean recipe to my dinners. I'm using dried beans for two reasons. First the health benefits of dried over canned, second.....cost. It's all about being frugal and healthy right now :)
I want to lower my husbands high cholesterol and I really feel we can do that with diet if we can add more home cooked meals and less prepared sandwiches to our diet.