Monday, April 26, 2010

Update April 2010

It's time for me to catch everyone up with me.
My weight is hovering at 116. I'm fine with that. I have stated several times wanting to get down to 110 but I haven't put an honest effort into doing so. I am continually fighting unhealthy eating and sedentary tendencies.

We did move back to our old house. I'm happy with the decision and happier that Dave is happy too. He was very apprehensive at first but it has gone well. We are settled in and I have also settled in to my job. I'm co-ordinating a summer camp program at work and really need to get my butt in gear for that. I'm a lil disappointed that there is only one child signed up sofar but hey, one child is worth completing a program for :)

Latest issues have been with my older son. Not getting into that at all here but we are making him move into his own place and praying that he does well for himself. We will be changing his room into a spare bedroom. Dave wants to put up a wall making our room a lot smaller, too small in my opinion. Our room doubles as my craft room, which I seldom use. I do like it like that though :)

Running: This has been nearly non existent since moving. I have actually been doing horrible with exercise all together!!! I'm getting back into it though. It has taken me quite some time to adjust to being a work out of home mom. I'm doing ok though not real happy with child care. I'm so glad he only goes to child care part time. I will be hunting for something else. OK I got distracted on this paragraph. Back to my exercise.
This week I started a new strength training program with Jackie Warner. I have 2 of her DVD's and am currently using the one where she spends 15 min's each on upper, lower and abs. I'm doing her upper one day, lower the next, then none the next. I'm not doing abs yet as I'm also doing the sit up challenge. I'm on week 2 of that. After the sit up challenge I'll be re attempting to do the push up challenge.
I have Just started doing cardio again. During my absence I was only doing a step counter and trying to get at least 10,000 steps in per day and not letting myself go under 8,000 steps. It's a great starter program but I was definitely not at starter level.
Yesterday I ran a mile then did intervals of walk/run for the second mile. I ran about 5 minutes at an 8.5 minute mile pace. That is super fast for me!!! I usually average 11.5 minute miles. I think I will be running outside this evening if it doesn't rain. I actually haven't been loving my outdoor runs since moving back here. I don't know if it's apprehension of living in a rougher area or if it's actually because the roads are older and more congested. I lived in such a suburban type neighborhood before, I do miss it for the running aspect. I won't even take off my shoes here, I know I'd stub my toe on a raised sidewalk or something. It isn't as pretty and smooth as the old neighborhood.