Friday, December 31, 2010

:: Owl's Roost Rumble ::

:: Owl's Roost Rumble ::

this is my goal first half marathon.
I've set goals before and really hoping that this one is it!!!
I've got to commit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of year reflections

It's time for my end of year reflections.
My exercising has suffered greatly especially the second half of this year.

I experienced a lot of life changes that really stressed me even to the breaking point. I became depressed and started the downward spiral into depression. I don't want to get into any details on my blog as to the why's but it was a definite challenge to 2010!!
I got a grip on the depression now.
I have started thrift store shopping for clothes for me and find that I really do love having a varried wardrobe. I am working on my image. I want to look and feel good to myself and to those around me. I am giving up the frumpy housewife scenario.
I'm done with oversized t-shirts and sweats as my every day wardrobe, these are PJ's.
I have a nice selection of fitting t-shirts and T-top exercise shirts. I'm getting more long sleeve t's and even button up shirts. I even have pants now, not just sweats.

I've been eating pretty good for the most part. Sometimes I eat too much of the crappy sugar stuff but I don't feel the NEED for it. I just don't want to discipline myself and I need to work on that discipline.

Exercise, yea I mentioned it suffered greatly. I'm averaging 2-3 times a week of working out right now. THAT WILL CHANGE!! I do take stairs at work and even make extra trips for myself for the fitness aspect so I haven't completely picked back up the sedentary life.

I've been doing great with my internet addiction. I still get on the pc every day but don't spend all my free time on it. I now only have facebook, triadmommies, and motivated mamas that I keep up with. And my facebook is rather slow because I have so few friends and family active on it. I don't need to keep up with everyones activities.

I feel strong mentally going into 2011.
I will continue to work on my diet and really try to adopt cleaner eating still.
I will make myself get back up to at least 20 min's exercise a day 6 days a week.
I will continue to limit internet time
I will look for more satisfying work which is also compatible with Daves and Logans schedules
I will get dressed every single day and continue to reject the "frumpy housewife" days
I will consciously spend more quality time with my husband whom I dearly love and do not want to take advantage of.

Right now we are decluttering our house. It's a big job. We've moved a lot of furniture around and have made the decision to stay in this house rather than moving again. I am happy with the decision. Today we also got a freezer thus the organizing started in the kitchen. We then moved our bedroom around and made room for the kitchen table. Yea I know this is weird but we are preparing to put up a wall to make our bedroom smaller and the other half will be a breakfast nook for the kitchen table. This room once was two rooms before and someone had taken out the wall that we are now going to put back up.
I got my puppy which I love dearly though don't appreciate the challenge of potty training. We will be putting up a cheap fenced in area so I can keep him outside for long enough to poop because he loves to come in then do his business. Not happy!!