Friday, December 18, 2009

wow was I lost

OK I wasn't really lost but I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I didn't have any readers so didn't feel it a priority.
I slip so much on this unprocessed diet. It's such a challenge. So what am I doing about it?????
I'm going MORE STRICT!!!
I'm now in the process of researching raw diet and incorporating many of the philosophies into my own life.

I have finally learned to look at my own body as a sacred temple. Sure I've heard that from many sources before but it's FINALLY starting to hit home. I really don't want to fill this body with toxic junk anymore!!! I've been able to turn away from the processed stuff in the house all week. I did slip up though and had Chinese on Tuesday I believe it was. We went to see Santa for Logan and Nickolas then I took them to get a plate and I felt it was better than fast food. But as I was eating it it tasted soooo sweet, candy sweet. I wondered about my choice being better than fast food. Wouldn't a grilled chicken breast on a wheat bun be more nutritious than deep fried breaded chicken covered with a sweet sauce?? Ah well it's done and hopefully digested and gone now. Yesterday I took the boys to McDonalds and I got a Caesar salad with no meat, a fruit and walnut salad, and a fruit and yogurt parfait then bottled water to drink. A lot of processed yogurt there but that's ok. I'm still working on this eating thing and refuse to beat myself up over it too much.

My fitness is going along well. I haven't slipped on that much. Last week I took 3 days off though!! Not all in a row but still. This week I've been going strong. I did hurt myself doing some lifting two days ago though. I strained my upper back and now am afraid to do my strength training today. I think I'm going to find some lower body strength only and do some stationary bike.

Winding down this first year of what I'll call success as I work on my goals for next.
My resolutions are already in place and I'm already working on them. So silly to wait until Jan 1st to resolve to make good habits!!

1) Track my runs on and Why two sites? I don't know. I like how beewellmiles donates to breast cancer for running during part of the year. I like sparkpeoples tracking system and I can track ALL my cardio there. I haven't picked which site I like better yet so I'm using both. If one were to fall to the side it would be though because I really want to donate to breast cancer research :) it's a great cause.

2) Continue getting my sleep and water consumption.

3) Eat more raw!! Learn about sprouting, seeds, and nuts. Get to know others who are at least partly raw.