Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have not been watching my diet. I have not been consistent with any exercise but running. I've gained back 4 lbs. Time for me to get serious again. I had my ubber healthy salad for dinner with my home grown tomato, green pepper, and cuke added.

Todays run sucked so going to run again tomorrow though not for more than 3.25 miles. I'm just gonna hold off until Friday for my long run again. Hoping to get 4.5 miles in then, I already have it mapped out.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm continuing my running but not following C25K anymore. It was just moving too slow for my comfort.
I'm now running 35 minutes at a time every other day. I signed up for a 10K in Sept so am working on getting myself up to 6+ miles. My current plan is to do the 35 min's every other day then my weekend run start upping 1/2 to 1 mile each week depending on how well I feel. This way I don't have to worry about getting back in time for Nickolas to come over.
I need to re-incorporate strength training into my routine. I'm hoping that I have a ChaLEAN buddy soon. Until then I think I'm going to continue using shred as I'm still struggling on level 1 again. Funny how you lose touch with a program so quickly. Just a couple of short months ago shred didn't feel at all challenging, now i have a hard time with the first level.

diet, yea that......
it'll be my challenge until the day i die lol.

I've gained back 3 of my lost pounds, but I'm confident they aren't here to stay. I just have to discipline myself to make them go away again. My scale was playing games with me the other day and measured me at 90 lbs. I went from the high end of normal weight to definitely underweight overnight hehe. Good to know that the scale isn't my god and gets no worship points for trying to be my friend.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


OK I'm officially running now in my own eyes. Anything under 20 minutes isn't running, it's a sprint. I did wk 5 day 3 of C25K today which was a 20 minute run. I wasn't ready to stop in 20 minutes lol. I ended up running 21 minutes 41 seconds. I had to reach a street corner so I could go back to and plug in my distance. I ran 1.88 miles in 21:41 min. That equates to between 11-12 minute miles. I'm pleased. I can't wait to get down to 10 minute miles but that was great for timing my run. I wish I knew how long it took me to finish that 2 mile freedom run now lol. ah well, too late now. Next week C25K has me running 2 interval runs then a 25 minute one...after that it's all over 25 minutes!!! YAYNESS!!!
I wonder about my running goals. I've voiced some concerns on another support board I go to where I asked how do you know when enough is enough? I'm an extremist and I tend to go all out, I just can't help myself. I've never aspired to be a marathon runner but I do know my personality.
I would like to be happy with 3 runs a week... 2 between 5-10K (3-6miles) and one long one heading towards 1/2 marathon length (13 miles). I do want to be happy with that but am afraid once I reach that goal I'll have to keep moving forward. There are marathons then 40 mile runs that are organized. Could I keep the itch to do more down in myself? I honestly don't want to spend my saturdays running all day (that's my designated long day).
Already on the days between runs I don't want to do other exercise, I just want to run. I imagine that will stop soon but I feel like I'm trying to reign myself in and it's so strange....

now go back to my very first blog post here..... I HATED EXERCISE...
hehe I love myself, this is my true resolution coming to light this year :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

still living

I haven't been very dedicated to my healthier lifestyle lately. I'm working on getting back on track-- AGAIN.
That's the great thing about lifestyle changes. You have to hop back on track over and over again because you realize you've been just messing up way too much.

The 4th of July was great. We had a family reunion and a lot of food. BUT (be warned, here's my excuse) Logan wouldn't let me eat as soon as we got there, which we were very late. By the time I was able to eat all the meat was gone....I couldn't believe it, just GONE. I did have some good salads and there was mac&cheese but not really anything great on the health food front. The desserts were TO DIE FOR!!! This family really loves to bake!!!! Yep I had my share, for about a month all in one day. I did drink water though lol.

I didn't get my camping or my hiking done over the weekend. I sat on my butt in a car for a good portion of it. I actually got a pinched nerve in my hip which shot pain down to my ankle from sitting wrong in the car. I was a real whiney baby!!!

Today I did C25K week 5 day 1 pushing a stroller. I took the little one I watch and we went running while my own little one slept and Dave was still home to watch him. It felt good to get out. I got my new MP3 player yesterday and just had to use it. I love the C25K podcast!!!! I've got all of them on there though might remove weeks 1-4 as I know I won't need them and if I do need them in the future I can just download them again. I'll be getting my new running shoes any day now!!! I really need them tomorrow so I can run with them on thursday. Saturday will be a 20 minute run and I want to have another short run with the new shoes before then. I just may do my 20 min's in my current shoes though my right foot was hurting today because I know my shoes are just worn right out. My other shoes are newer but they hurt my feet just to walk in them so I can't use them for running at all.

I did chalean extreme last night. I haven't done it in quite a while and I really need to keep myself doing it. I do like the program but I've been just slipping a lot over the past month or so with my exercise. Yes I still do a lot more than I did before I started this lifestyle but not doing as much as I feel I should. I don't think at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week is too much for me. I should be able to commit to at least that.

I am getting better at making healthy choices with food. I still love my sugar but I know how to say no to it now without going through severe withdrawal. As long as I keep myself pumped up on fruits and veggies my sugar cravings are ok.

My weight went back up to 112 but I refuse to move my tracker back in that direction. I will lose that 2 pounds again this week!!! Gotta love the fresh veggies coming out of gardens now. I have tons of cukes that need eating, I have to peel them because the peels are BITTER. I usually like to keep the peel on because my mom always taught me that the peel was the healthiest part of a fruit or veggie....wonder how true that is???? any input???

My step kids are all moved to Atlanta. That was a stressful move for everyone. I'm glad their mom isn't so close anymore but I will certainly miss the kids. We have to figure out our visitation and all that fun stuff as time goes on. I know she wants their dad out of their lives but that just isn't gonna happen. She wants his money but not his presence...I feel she should be grateful that he loves his kids and wants to be an integral part of their lives. He doesn't complain about giving her money, and gives her extra each month (which I disagree with). I feel he gets taken advantage of all in the name of guilt for not being there for his youngsters. I really am torn being the step-mom. I try to let them raise their kids their way and I try to support him through all his "helping" her out but I don't like letting him get walked all over too. Whenever I say something he takes it as me not wanting him to support his kids. Which I DO want him to support his kids, I DON'T want him to support his x-wife. There is a difference!!! and that's why there is child support. He pays generously so why does he have to fix her car, or provide ALL their transportation, or fix her furnace etc..... ok I'm done on that note for now. Just had to write it down and get some of it out.