Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headless Chicken

Yep that's me lately. I'm the headless chicken running around with a fountain of blood spewing from it's neck. OK I probably should have left that part out but I just wanted to add the gore for affect.
Life is such a whirl right now. House hunting with my husband is a nightmare (and that IS an understatement). He changes his mind from day to day, hour to hour, sometimes minute to minute. I can't keep up, I just want to be stable. I was so thrilled to see our foreclosure court date on official papers this week. I could have jumped for joy!!! WOW most people say, that in itself would depress most people. HELL NO, that means a DECISION must be made and soon. Still not soon enough though. I still have at least 30 days of this BS. He asks what I think and I always tell him two options for houses. The smartest one, and the one I currently like best. Yes my current favorite is always changing because for some reason or another the "old" favorite gets taken out of the mix....then added back in BLAH. SO!!!!! We still have no idea where we are moving, our house forecloses and we must move by April 8th, Dave keeps submitting then withdrawing offers, and the gas wasted to go look at these places is enough to keep a small country in energy.

NEXT: School and childcare. I was supposed to go to a magnet school fair for getting Logan into preschool next year. I feel this is VERY important as he's no where near kindergarten ready. The catch, You need an address. Yea.....see the house portion of this post above!!! So I'm supposed to pick his school with the whole house situation in the air, apply, then wait until June or July just to see if he's accepted. I just started a new job this week. I love the job but I need child care for Logan and I'm still working out my last two weeks with Nickolas. I want a child care with a preschool curriculum, and I don't want it to be way out of the way. Though since I don't know where I'm moving to I don't know what is "out of the way". I'm looking close to my work this week but the search isn't turning up many good leads.

Work: I really like my new boss and the people I work with. I can't say I'm getting any training though. The boss puts me in charge immediately then is on his way. He came back to an "incident" the other day which I was unaware of. A party wanted to go into the gym before their hostess came to pay. The employees did as they were supposed to and made the party wait for their hostess. The party got rude. How on earth was I to know the party got rude if the employees didn't inform me?? Yes he knew as soon as he came in, as the employees ran to him and told him as soon as he opened the door. I check and ask all day long but they don't have their faith and confidence in the new girl yet especially when they know policy better than I anyways. AH well that's just how working goes. When they don't wanna deal with a situation I'm sure they'll get to where they seek me out. I do have a plan to start the first "fun fitness" program at work and will be starting that once I'm done watching Nickolas and can work week days.

Congo: Yea I said I would guest on the congo and set up my store for the month of March. My reasoning; life can't wait until all situations are optimal. If I commit to something then surely I'll be moving when I need to keep my product handy for shipping. OOOh and don't forget that I need to make items to begin with. LOL it's going to be a light guest spot for me.

Sick AGAIN. To top everything off I'm sick yet again. Severe congestion with lots of snot that is never ending!!! My abs are sore from the coughing and blowing. I think my nose is calloused now because it doesn't hurt but I'm blowing it at least 4x's/hr. So lets get into the math....1 blow every 15 min's makes 32 blows in an 8 hr day. Each time producing enough snot to make my tissue all squishy and fall apart gross. I bet in the past 4 days I've blown out enough snot to make a half sized model of myself. This sick started literally the day before my first day on my new job. I know it's stress related as well as germ related. I've NEVER been a sickly person and this year it's one right after another.

OK now that I've vented some maybe I can start to function. I need to exercise, I need to eat healthy, I need to feel good again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mom's cooking, smoke alarm goes off, and nobody leaves the house!!!
OK this time it wasn't an issue, nor last time.

There was a time though when I was cooking and then forgot I was cooking. I went outdoors "just for a sec" and then got distracted...and then.....

Kids streaming out of the house, running really, choking, smoke not far behind them. I was burning potatoes on the stove. (you remember that D & A?)
The smoke was THICK. I'm a horrible kitchen person. I don't like to watch what I'm cooking. I get side tracked.

This known about me it seems kids would check to make sure everything is ok rather than ignoring the smoke alarm. A smoke alarm going off is really a big deal, especially with me cooking!!!!!