Monday, August 5, 2013


We all want to read, and write, about success.
I have been feeling very good about my accomplishments lately.

First I made a breakfast casserole several days ago:
I altered the recipe some, used different veggies but this is the basic recipe I used. I then cut the casserole into 15 squares (this makes 1 1/2 eggs each day) and I have breakfast for two weeks. I used pre-cooked bacon pieces and I'll be honest...I can't taste the bacon in it when I nuke the casserole as leftovers. To combat this concern I decided that I will re-heat on the stovetop using coconut oil to "fry" it back up. I also eat a patty of sausage with this. It is a super yummy way to start my day.

Since I started my day so well I don't want to mess it up by cheating. I went grocery shopping and went a little overboard on all the fresh veggies! I bought cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, onion, avacodo, cantaloupe, garlic, and zucchini. I had green peppers and tomatoes that my husband brought home from work that a co-worker had shared from their garden. Now all these vegetables must be eaten! I realize now that it is a lot more than I should have purchased all at one time. I went into cooking mode day before yesterday.
I first decided to make some Paleo stuffed peppers, the cauliflower was purchased for this recipe to be the rice. I used this recipe, and I didn't know how to make cauliflower rice so I also used this:
I sort of combined the two recipes and mixed the raw grated cauliflower in with my undrained meat mixture from the stuffed peppers recipe. Now I did use high grade ground beef so didn't have a lot of fat that would have needed to be drained off. If you make it with higher fat content meat I suggest draining off most of the fat, but not all. This dinner was an absolute hit for my husband and I. Not so much for our youngest son.
The night after that dinner I made some individual meat muffins (haha my own interpretation of meatloaf made in individual muffin tins). I of course put some veggies in the meatloaf as well as some flax meal. On the side I made some sauteed kale. I got a recipe from my daughter and just omitted the egg. It was Kale, bacon, onion, coconut oil (she also adds eggs for a super great breakfast scramble).
I made hamburger patties with the last of my ground beef as I had 5 lbs to work with and didn't want to eat ground beef 5 days in a row. I now also have some leftover meatloaf in the freezer for individual quick freezer dinners.

On the exercise front I've been keeping up with my walking 4 miles at least every other day. I am an event organizer for a local walking club through meet-up and walked both Saturday and Sunday this week. I usually do my 4 miles on my treadmill with my headphones on and music blasting. I seriously can't hear anything outside my headphones when I'm walking. Or sometimes I watch some netflix while walking. I had my husband set up a shelf so I can watch my laptop. Modern day exercise lol. Though I can't type while walking so I am not multitasking right now.
I do need to step it up and re-introduce my Jillian Michaels Shred video.

The scale is moving down nicely. I'm now at 137.2lbs. I still have a ways to go to hit my 115-120lb mark. Once I get there I will see how I feel and decide where I want to remain. I do want to get my body fat content down below 20%. I'm at 31% now I think. I don't pay much attention to that part of my scale at this time because it depresses me.

I have a job interview with Biscuitville on Wed. this week. I need to find me a job that isn't a sit down desk job which puts me in contact with the public for my own emotional well being. I think I wrote before about the isolation I felt between being a nanny and my last job which was online support for an online company. The fast food aspect isn't ideal but at least it's a step into the work force. I was really hoping to get a job at the YMCA but I haven't gotten any call back into that one. I'm excited about this interview because this place does not have a dinner menu. I would be out of work by 3pm every day. This is a big reason I applied for that company.