Thursday, April 30, 2009

yesterdays exercise

I've been slacking big time with the exercising. I just haven't had a vision in sight until I decided to actually start ChaLEAN Extreme. But I can't start that until saturday so I'm now feeling myself in a limbo. I had a hard time deciding what to do yesterday. I ended up doing Shred level 1. You know my muscles were SORE!!! I can't believe how quickly you lose the stamina for exercises when you stop them. I've been concentrating more on hiking and gardening and now that I'm moving different muscles again they are aching. Not a bad ache as I know they are getting whipped into shape, it just reminds me that I can't neglect any of them. Today I'll be doing Chalean extreme again. I'm just going to do week one twice. I'm taking friday and sunday off this week as those will be driving days for me, at least 5 hrs each day.
Well worth the drive time to see my daughter and son-in-law....and my grand daughter who will be a year on may 15th AND she just started walking. I'm so excited to see them all, Logan is also beside himself with excitement. He's been carrying around a wooden block for several days now reminding me that we want to give it to Evelyn. We gave her all his wooden blocks and he found a stray.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm going to start ChaLEAN EXTREME.
I'm not sure exactly how I'll organize this week but my official start will be Saturday May 2, 2009.

My body fat measured at 30% yesterday and I'll be taking my before pictures later. My dear husband will be able to play photographer. I will be putting on my swimsuit which I haven't worn in 4 or 5 years. I hope it still has some elasticity so it stays on!!

My start measurements:
Weight: 113
Waist: 30
hips: 35
chest: 36
thigh: 18
upper arm: 11

I'm looking to lose hopefully 8 lbs and some inches. I'd love to lose about 3 inches in the waist, some in the chest and define the rest of my body.

I did burn circuit 1 last night and loved it. I will definitely need to buy some weights as my range seems to be in all the ones I don't yet have. 8,10, and 12lbs. I think I'll buy the 10's first as I'm starting at Deidre's house officially and don't want to carry around tons of weights. I'll bring the 10's and write notes accordingly for my day 2 plan.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weight Loss pictures

This post is to just put all my pictures in a row for you all to see my visual progress.
My last picture is to the right under my first picture.
The two middle pictures were taken the beginning then the end of Feb.


OK I'm now ready to get this moving again!!!
Today I'm at 114lbs
By the way, when I post my current weight I post my high end. I will step on a scale several times a day and it fluctuates up to 5lbs every day. 114 is now my high weight.
I'm very happy....I've officially lost 20 lbs since the day after christmas. I did expect to get here sooner but I'm happy I'm here now.
Now I'm ready for that bathing suit body!!!!!

I'm exercising daily and loving it. It's unbelievable that I'm saying that. Look back to my first blog here and I try to portray my loathing of exercise. Now I can't live without it. True I probably don't push myself hard enough even now but I do sweat!!!
I usually don't even take one day off a week. Right now I'm still doing Jillian Michaels and Biggest Loser DVD's. I love shred and power sculpt. I like cardio max but not level 1, I hate all those lunges, but I still do them at least once a week. I'm getting chaLEAN soon, I'm so excited.

Eating is my problem. I love all those processed foods loaded with carbs and not protein. Why on earth are those foods so low in nutritional value?????
Yes I love chicken and tuna and veggies and fruit but I LOVE pizza, hot pockets, spaghetti, lasagne and such (all premade of course).

I probably should start trying some recipes and try to turn my loathing of cooking into a love like I did with my exercise. The problem with cooking is getting all the ingredients together. I HATE when recipes call for 10-15 items and I don't have 3/4 of them in the house and I don't regularly use 3/4 of them which is why they aren't in the house. I can't afford to buy $25 worth of spices and such to try for one recipe which I "might" like. Then they sit around because I don't have a bunch of recipes that use the same ingredients. Another problem with cooking is I get easily distracted...VERY EASILY DISTRACTED. I can't even concentrate to make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning it. OK I'm whining now....sorry.

I've lost 4 lbs sofar for April. I hadn't kept track of pounds per month until now. I joined a challenge to lose 10 lbs in April. I don't think I'll hit it but I'm still getting as close as I can. Then I'll enter a challenge for losing 10 lbs in May. My goal is to get to 104 by the end of May and then measure out my body and see if I still need to lose any, I hope not lol. It all depends on the body fat measurements that I plug into the calculators on this site:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

still going strong

I know I haven't been keeping this blog up to date. I'm just horrible with keeping up everywhere. I have been more active in keeping my blog on updated.
New measurements:
weight: 115
waist: 30
hips: 36.5
chest: 36.5
arm: 11
thigh: 18.5

I'm pretty happy where I'm at but still trying to lose 10 more pounds to get more into the ideal weight range. I'm now in the healthy range on BMI calculators but still have too high of a fat percentage at 34% body fat. I want to get my body fat down to 28% at the highest. I'm working on doing so with exercise. I'm still trying to eat healthy but not trying to "diet"
As I've said before....this is a lifestyle change, I will not be returning to my unhealthy life I had before.