Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ultimate Reset Wk 1

I have completed week 1 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I don't really have a lot to say. I liked most of the foods we ate. We had only 2 meals with meat and the rest were mostly vegitarian with some organic plain yogurt and eggs. I am not a big fan of seaweed and If I'm going to eat it I need it as a dry something, NOT slimy gooey salty wetness. I lost 3 lbs this first week or there abouts. Of course weight fluctuates each day and I wasn't regularly weighing previous to the reset so I didn't get an "average weight" for what I truly weighed. I'll take the 3 lbs for now :) I've been tired a lot. Sort of achy but not in pain. I don't know if these physical changes are from the reset or from my grand daughter being here and not being able to sleep in the mornings. I just feel really foggy today and have felt this way a lot during the first week. I'm not at all hungry and have to make myself eat yesterday and today. I LOVED my fruit breakfast today but was full after eating only about 2 cups (reset called for 3 cups). I've been washing dishes and Deidre's been preparing food nonstop. So glad we have each other for doing this. The alcalanize (or however it's spelled) was horrible in the first week. We had to take it only once a day so doable. The Detox we take now is 3x's a day and I think it's OK though Deidre had problems with the grainy texture. Think old school metamucil lol. It just doesn't dissolve and at the end you are drinking pure chalky stuffs. Here's to Week 2 coming up!!!

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