Saturday, July 27, 2013


It's been forever.....AGAIN I'm tired of starting AGAIN. But here I am today AGAIN. Back on a healthy eating plan and starting exercise because I fell off on my previous attempt. I topped out at 144lbs this time around, I am currently at 138lbs simply by re-introducing healthy diet and exercise back into my daily routine.
I'm actively working towards paleo. Paleo is a way of eating that dates back to the paleolithic era. Remember when cavemen roamed the earth we all have that visual. Anyways it's simple clean eating. No processed foods, no dairy and no grains. It's much easier to list the no's than it is to list what's good. I'm not being real strict. I do allow butter and some cheese, I also allow some grains such as occasional oatmeal or an occasional piece of home made cake. It's not ideal but I do live in today's world and I do have room for improvement....a lot....sooooo I am picking my battles. I can't afford organic produce or meat but I am doing the next best thing at this point. Yes I'm eating normal grocery store meat and produce but it isn't already all prepared for me. Yes I do buy frozen as I do have a budget to stay in. Just because I can't do some things doesn't mean that I can't start somewhere. I can give up the poptarts and loaves of bread.

I've decided I do still want to run a 1/2 marathon. I think that would be an awesome accomplishment. I have not run in I don't remember how long. I could probably look back on my posts on this blog to figure it out. I'll say probably about 2 years at least. It is a goal I'm working towards in line with total body fitness. I also worry about the effects of running on my joints which is part of why I have topped my goal at a 1/2 marathon. I have thought of getting involved in water fitness. As Logan gets more involved in swimming I think it would be great for me to also get more involved in the water and we always hear great things about how water is a good buffer to prevent injury. I don't really care for swimming for fun but I may get into it for fitness. Not only swimming but other water fitness activities as well.

I'm still on my way for self improvement in all fronts. I did lose my way and have suffered depression and neglected relationships. I'm working my way out of this tendency. I didn't recognize it this last time around until my husband lost patience with me and kicked me back into gear. I can thank him for this wake up though it was painful. I'm putting more emphasis on my marriage, family, and friendships as they are all important to me and deserve my attention. I sometimes get engrossed in my own thought. I don't know what I'm thinking most of the time or dreaming, it's sort of a limbo of wanting to be by myself to do nothing. That is not productive and I can't allow myself to stay in that place too long. This part of my personality needs balance because once I spend too much time in my alone place I neglect everything and everyone around me.

I'm happy with my spiritual self. I love to listen to contemporary christian music especially while I'm walking on my treadmill. I can blast the music, praise, and lose myself in motion. I find it very cleansing. I go to church occasionally and have a lot of fun visiting new churches. Not sure if I want a "home" church or if I want to keep that part of my gypsy spirit alive.

I really need to find fulfilling work. I have worked at home from 2011 and have learned that I need to get back out into the world. Yes I was paid very well and I made some great online friends. This said, my last job completely derailed my computer and online addiction. I spent entirely too much time with my nose buried in my computer. I think working outside the home may provide more personal balance for me. I don't care what I do for the most part. I applied for a very part time job at the YMCA and think it would really fit great with my life goals. I really hope I get that or anything at this point that will get me out of the house, making a little extra money, and hopefully helping people in a positive way. I used to love working fast food but the biggest problem with that is not the low pay or the low public opinion of such a job but ...well it's fast food, I don't want to encourage others to put junk in their bodies when I don't want to put the junk in my own body.

These paragraphs above outline my goals for today and my future, diet, fitness, relationships, spirit, and career. I will delve deeper into these subjects over the coming posts starting with diet, how I'm doing, where my weight is, what I'm eating, what I want to try, my whole philosophy on diet.

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