Monday, June 9, 2014

5 day challenge

I fell completely off the wagon and once again am at square one. I didn't gain all the weight back but I eat very unhealthy and I don't exercise. That to me is square one. Deidre and I joined a little 5 day challenge to kick start some healthy habits. I'm hoping this is what I need to get me motivated again. I lost all my great forum contacts for accountability and encouragement and I think that's part of why I sort of lost steam. This group is starting quite well, of course no-one really knows one another yet so it's a get to know you phase and I hope the ice is broken enough at the end of 5 days where we can continue the group and encouragement for one another. My breakfast this morning was delicious, but I did still feel a little hungry. I had a breakfast wrap with scrambled egg, tomato, and turkey bacon. About 2.5 hours later I had my morning snack of 1/2 banana and walnuts, again not enough food to completely satisfy me but I'm not altering the meal plan. I know my portion sizes really stink right now, I eat entirely too much sugar, processed foods, and fast food. My body has to adjust as does my mind. I can't wait for lunch now though lol. I'm drinking my water to keep me from altering my eating plan this week. At the end of this 5 day plan I intend on eating how I want for 2 days then hoping to do another 5 days of healthy eating and meal planning. I've never been very good at meal planning though it may just be what I need to get me on track.

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